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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Kirdi (Cameroon) Woman's apronmid 20th century2003.069.004
Kirdi (Cameroon) Woman's Apronmid 20th century2003.069.005
Tamusie Hunter2011.058.077
Frederick William MacMonnies The "Lone Eagle" Eluding a Storm and Death, Society of Medallist 4th Issue193194.007.132
Hermon Atkins MacNeil Rain Maker's Medal, Society of Medallist 3rd Issue193194.007.133
Gaetano Cecere There Is No Easy Way From the Earth To the Stars, Society of Medallists 8th Issue193394.007.013
Carl Paul Jennewein Glory and Fame Medallion, Society of Medallist 7th Issue193394.007.106
Henri Michel Antoine Chapu The Young Mother Medallion193394.007.233
San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala Huipil, Blouseca. 193585.031.001
Julio Kilenyi Mark Twain Centennial Medal193594.007.111