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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Chinese Pendant in shape of a double-headed dragonSpring and Autumn period, 771-476 BC88.002.237
Unidentified artistParacas (Peru) Double-spouted bottle800-200 BC2006.070.385
Unidentified artistCupisnique (Peru) Stirrup spout vessel900-200 BC2006.070.381
Unidentified artistCupisnique (Peru) Stirrup spout vessel9th-3rd Century BC2006.070.382
Unidentified artistChavin, Ecuador Stirrup spout vessel900-200 BC2006.070.383
Chinese Yu (Wine Bucket)Western Zhou dynasty, 11th or 10th century BC64.1058 a,b
Colonel John R. FoxChinese Jingle bell on high oblong base65.334
Unidentified artistChinese Axle-cap and linch-pinWestern Zhou dynasty, 11th or 10th century BC74.034.002
Chinese Belt Hook86.133.027
Chinese Belt Hook86.133.028